Tech should help you build your business.

Not stop you from it.

The key to tech is keeping it simple.

How many can you check off?

  • Trying to figure out (and pay for) all the tech in my online biz sends you into panic mode

  • Systems and processes could help you...if only your brain worked that way and you had the time

  • There’s not really a budget to outsource this stuff but you know it’s becoming a necessity for your growth.

  • Thinking about adding something (even as simple as a freebie) makes you tense because you know you’ll still have to figure out the tech once it’s all said and done

  • Your tech doesn’t speak to each other but it definitely needs to

  • You couldn’t care less about tech + systems except that it’s hurting how you do business.

If you can identify with more than two, I want to help. After all…


Stalling out in your business should never be an option. You’re a visionary. Your ideas, dreams, and goals deserve better.


Perhaps right now you have this non-stop “I’ll never get to the next level” feeling because the idea of adding tech...or even trying to figure out a system to the chaos right now seems impossible. And might even make you shed a few frustration-tears.

The learning curve needs to end so you can go back to doing what it is you care about.

Shelly supported me in launching my very first course through MemberVault and also supported me in integrating my Active Campaign! As well as my memberships! I couldn't have done it without her! She is reliable and consistent! She will be a great support to you and one you can trust as a partnership of growth as you build your business.

Alexaraye Vallejo 

Coure Creator

So professional, so responsive, and very solution-minded! I needed a blog redesign but am technically impaired. I told her what I was looking for and she used creative license to improve it in ways I never would have been able to. She blew my mind by providing me tutorial videos so that I could easily understand everything going forward. What a gem, and fun to with work!

Phoenix Ayotte




Why tech seems hard

The people building it don’t speak your language. It’s like trying to speak to someone from Japan when you’ve lived in the USA your whole life.

There are lots of options out there and your head is already swirling from making hundreds of decisions in and outside of work each day.

You’re a creative + a visionary. Your brain just builds stuff in a different way. You don’t have time to learn a new skill set, nor do you want to.

Guess what I think?

You can overcome all these setbacks and instead....use tech to reach your goals. Fast.


After all, you started your business to have more freedom. So let’s get you there.

It only takes two things:


  1. A commitment to taking it all one step at time. 

  2. A little faith that I can guide you in the right direction.

Your business needs to be smart

(just like you)

Hire me to set everything

up for you.

Get help with my affordable DIY products.

Take tech from annoying to unbelievably simple

I know the whole tech thing isn’t your wheelhouse. And that’s totally fine.


What’s not fine? You spending a ton of time on stuff that would be better left to tech. 


So let’s figure out what tech you need to take your business to the next level. 


Download my tech stack. Inside, you’ll find a list of tech to choose from and a very simple explanation of each one so you can quickly decide what you need, what provider you’ll use... and leave the rest. 


These are my secret weapons that I personally use to manage all the details of 6-figure (and beyond) businesses.


I’m including:

  • Admin Needs

  • Affiliate Programs

  • Audio

  • Communication & Community

  • Course Platforms

  • CRMs, Project Management Software, and email providers

  • Forms, graphics, sales pages, and more!

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